Each book of business requires a unique growth & management strategy and you are worthy of a clear and competitive advantage.

Within 90 days I will show you how to increase your close-rate enrolling new assets by demonstrating to them why you are their #1 choice.  

It takes long enough to get a prospective client's attention. Your objective is to shorten the time it takes to DATE them. 
  • How much time are you letting pass between initial touch point to follow up?
  • How many phone calls or re-schedules are you making before you get to formally introduce yourself and show your client what you've got and are about?
  • ​How many other advisors are connecting with your prospect while you're still figuring out how to get them on the phone?
  • ​Is your ego standing in the way authentically connecting with them on the level it takes to enrol them?
  • Are you sharing with them any reason why you are THE SOLUTION to their need?
Instead of chasing assets in a circle you could be living, loving, surfing, sunning, skiing, cycling, boating, travelling, getting room service, having your clothes pressed, newspaper delivered to your private quarters, loving up your lover and creating more memories with those on your personal QT (quality time) VIP list.

Vulnerability will get you what you want. Strategically demonstrating your point bridges the gap and speeds up the process. 

Sounds simple, yet if it was you would not be reading this. Choose to carve 3 hours out to share with me to get you closer to what you want in under 30 days. 

Point: what you are selling your clientbase is possibilityTheir wants, needs and future. You're the one painting the picture and you get to be possibility in order to create it for your clients and to serve. 

How effectively are you doing this? You can't be in two places at once and what I have for you solves this too. 
When you apply my simple approach in service you will: 
  • Cut your client-dating phase time in more than half
  •  Know within the first meeting post follow up whether you are ALIGNED with each other's business style and personal values, i.e. know if you're a FIT
  •  Establish yourself with professionalism, authenticity and relationship STAMINA to carry you long into the future
  •  Make it easy for that new client to refer you ANOTHER new client because you've done the work up front
  •  More rapidly gain the know, like and trust factor without being pushy - - and allowing they and you to connect without interferance or conflicting schedule

What's it going to take and how long are you going to wait?

Life is now and time waits for no one. I will support you closing the gap that will grow your assets under management, and continuously wow your current relationships.
Learn how to materially grow your assets within 90 days and receive details on my proven, results-based process I've used personally and implemented for successful investment professionals across the past 13 years.
You ARE your business and you are only as good as your ability to increase your assets through performance and wallet share; the quality company in clientele you keep matters. Make it easy for people to choose YOU by telling them what you do, can and WILL.  What are you waiting for?